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   Tuesday 16.07.2024
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Lunch menu can be found at
Masarykovo nábřeží 10
120 00 Praha 2

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      Hello, welcome to the restaurant ORLÍK. We are pleased with your visit in our establishment. Our goal is always the satisfaction of our guests and their experience of food and beverages that we prepare to them.

    We always offer fresh and daily prepared meals according to our own recipes. As a matter of principle we never use ready-to-cook goods, all meals from our menu are freshly prepared according to your order. We offer dishes of meat, or vegetables and food from a so-called "Czech cuisine." The house soups are served with fresh homemade bread.

    As an appetizer, we offer special premium Ruβian vodka, which is treated in a unique way through decanting drinks over plates of pure gold. To this, we also offer original sturgeon caviar served on a crispy toast.

    We have a network of trusted suppliers of the highest quality matured meat and fresh fish. As far as our offer of fresh trout is concerned, the fish is raised in small private fishponds with fresh water. lf you prefer beef we recommend our range of beef-steaks and steaks, where you can order the meat medium or well-done, or if you desire as well as tartare steak, prepared from raw sirloin beef supplemented with raw eggs, toasts and vegetables.

    According to you wish we are prepared to offer you a side dish according to your taste. We offer quality organic potatoes, potato croquettes, potato chips, different types of rice, pasta or bread.

    Every day, when the restaurant is opened, we bring fresh vegetables used in the preparation of garnishes and salads that you can order with meat, tuna, chicken, or with olives and feta cheese. Our salads are always fresh and as big that they can be considered for the main course.

    lf you love beer we offer Czech Pilsen beer tapped from beer barrels where it retains the original color and bitter taste. We also offer porter with a distinctive caramel flavor.

    lf you like fine wines we offer a wide range of excellent Czech wines awarded in international competitions, which usually appear only at shows and in specialized shops. These wines are comparable with the French or ltalian competitors but offered for very favourable prices. In our offer there are also gems in the form of straw wines of Czech winemakers. Thanks to the natural sugar content and intense flavor these wines are completely unmatched.

    To our standard belongs high level of services while serving food or drinks.

    The restaurant has a bar right at the entrance, followed by a separated space with marked boxes where you can smoke, as well as a separate room dedicated solely for non-smokers.

    Finally, after a good meal, we recommend you a sweet deβert, our strong coffee, or any of liqueurs that are available in the menu bar, including our exclusive rum, or a delicious pear liqueur.
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